Couple of the Month: #TeamLewis

Couple of the Month: #TeamLewis

Every month, Sheridan and I want to feature a married couple of the week. We know many of these couples personally. Others we have come to admire from afar. Either way, we appreciate happy and healthy marriages. Ones that recognize the messiness of marriage and still commit to lifelong partnership.

This month we want to feature Leslie and Ty Lewis. We always ask our couples to submit a photo that best represents their marriage. Ty is a childhood friend of John’s and their families have formed a great relationship. Leslie and Ty are an amazing couple, doing life together in the Atlanta area. Take a few minutes to learn a bit more about their story.

1. How long have you been married?

15 years.

2. When did you know they were the one (include his version of the story vs. her story)?

Her story: Ty knew he was the one when he walked into the restaurant with a motorcycle helmet and said he was a teacher!

His story: Leslie knew she was the one because he, “Listened to God.” (As told by her: He’s lying. He wanted me from day one.

3. What are some of the things you do to keep your relationship growing (and spicy)?

In order to keep our relationship growing, we make sure we communicate our thoughts and feelings, and we carve out time to have date night. The spicy stuff is our secret.

4. What part of marriage wound up being pleasantly surprising for you as a couple?

So many people talk about how hard marriage is. So, you walk into marriage with the expectation that marriage is supposed to be a struggle. That’s a lie. Marriage has turned out to be so beautiful. Of course, you have to do the work to see the beauty, but when you’re with the one that God has created for you, and you’re walking in your purpose together, it makes the marriage worth it.

5. What would you say is the most challenging this about being married?

The most challenging thing about being married is learning that marriage doesn’t hide your insecurities, fix your issues, or cure your loneliness. If anything, marriage reveals who you are and causes so many issues within your marriage if left unresolved. Your spouse can’t heal you. Marriage is not a cure for your issues, it’s a ministry created to glorify God and His purpose for your life.

6. If you could name one thing that brought you the most joy as a married couple what would it be?

The one thing that brought us the most joy as a married couple is the fact that we walk in obedience to God together as a family. It can’t get any better than that.