Couple of the Month: #TeamVaughn

Couple of the Month: #TeamVaughn

Every month, Sheridan and I want to feature a married couple of the week. We know many of these couples personally. Others we have come to admire from afar. Either way, we appreciate happy and healthy marriages. Ones that recognize the messiness of marriage and still commit to lifelong partnership.

This month we want to feature Jason and Candace Vaughn. We always ask our couples to submit a photo that best represents their marriage. Jason is John's little brother and John thinks he married up when he found a jewel in Candace. She keeps him together. Take a few minutes to learn a bit more about their story.

1. How long have you been married?

15 years.

2. When did you know they were the one (include his version of the story vs. her story)?

His: I knew she was the one when I saw me in seventh grade! It was love at first sight! But it’d be years before we’d actually get together.

Hers: Candace knew he was the one when they reconnected after college and he came over to her house. She’d cooked for him. She ended up falling asleep on his shoulder, watching television, and he came back for consecutive dates!

3. What are some of the things you do to keep your relationship growing (and spicy)?

We love to travel together! We’ve been to 21 states and have many more destinations to visit! We also just love to talk. We are both intellectuals who value great conversations and debates!

4. What part of marriage wound up being pleasantly surprising for you as a couple?

For Jason the pleasant surprise is that Candace washes the dishes, because he hates it, and our endless conversations. For Candace, the pleasantly surprising thing was how well we get along together. We have great chemistry and are always making each other laugh.

5. What would you say is the most challenging this about being married?

For Jason, the most challenging thing was becoming a dad, and navigating fatherhood for the first time. For Candace it was learning how to go from being the head of the household (single parenthood) to being a partner. Decisions that I would normally make on my own, I now have a spouse to collaborate with, and there was definitely a learning curve in the beginning. We eventually found our way and it all worked out!

6. If you could name one thing that brought you the most joy as a married couple what would it be?

For Candace, the thing that brought me the most joy is having a spouse who loves God, loves his family, and takes care of us! Just havingJasonas my husband in itself brings me joy each day. Sometimes I just stare at him and thank God that he’s mine. Sounds corny, but it’s so true!

For Jason, the thing that brought him the most joy is sharing his life with Candace, and just having her around to do things with.